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Thread: Standard Astra SXi Suspension

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    Standard Astra SXi Suspension

    I have an Astra MK4 SXi. Ive had coilovers on for a while but I want the standard stuff put back on. But they were thrown out (cheers dad). So im trying to get hold of the standard stuff again.

    I tried a breakers yard who said yea we have them there ya go.

    Got them fit but they arent right, the Astra drop link didnt fit but a vectra one did. And now its riding way too hight, looks like a onster truck. But the struts came from a 1.8 coupe and a 1.6 hatch.

    Is the SXi suspension totally different from the other Astras? Is that the reason they dont fit? Do I need struts/springs etc from another SXi?

    Cheers lads

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    It all goes off Axle weight.

    The SXI's and SRI's suspension were 20mm lower than the LS model. Obviously a 2.0L DTI engine with AC weighs more than a 1.6SXI none AC. You are relying on the breakers yard to give you the correct item which I think is where the problem is.

    I have a set of LS springs from a 1.6 16v with A/C at my house and also a set of SRI springs from a 2.0L DTI if you need them. £20 and there yours.

    Its a jam thing

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    So which Astra suspension will fit my manual 1.6 SXi pal? Ive had a fair few pms lol and I just want my standard look back.

    Will the SRI or GSi suspension fit?

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