Can anyone help me please? I've asked these q's before put not hade much response. My car is an astrs mk4 1.8 5dr 1999 x18xe1
I am now the proud owner of oil pressure, oil & water temp gauges, electrically wise I’m ok and they all light up, my questions are
1-Can I piggyback the water temp with the dash temp?
2-As I can't fit a sand wedge plat where can I fit the oil temp sender unit? I can't use the sump plug, as it points straight down.
3-How do I plumb my oil pressure sender unit in, as my filter is an element type not the canister type
4-How do I get through the bulkhead. Some one said just under the break servo unit but I couldn’t find it. Can I just drill a hole behind the glove box to gain entry into the engine bay?