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Thread: Golf Gti 8v

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    Golf Gti 8v

    Need some help from some vw people,

    My brother has got a 1996 ( P ) golf gti 8v, we have just had to tow it to a garage becuse the thing will not start, the garage are saying there is no spark when your trying to start the car, does anyone know what may be causing this problem apart from plugs,lead and dizzy, they have plugged it into to a laptop to see if that will bring the fault up but they are saying the car is to old for the program they are running. I have been told it could be the ecu fuse relay does this sound right???

    Any help will be great or point me in the direction of someone who maybe able to help.

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    i thought the relay was only on the TDI cars

    however i may be wrong

    techie on here is clued up on his VAG cars
    Ibiza FR CR TDI with 203 BHP

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