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Thread: remus centre pipe emission light

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    remus centre pipe emission light

    I just got fitted a remus centre pipe and the emission light came on and while i was at kwik fit a RAC man reseted it and the light went off but said the lambda is sending the wrong voltage n needed a new one. Going back tomorrow as they are ordering the part but the light has come on again. Is it ok to drive my car while i wait for it to be changed or will it cause any damage to my car if i drive it?
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    I had this problem. You absolutely sure you havent accidentally pulled out the clip at the front of the exahust (the bit that doens't get changed)

    This makes the light stay on, loads of people have done it by accident, have a look under your car, there may be a hanging wire that simply needs to be reconnected.

    I drove round for a day before i discovered the hanging wire. And by the way yes it is fine to drive around, it shouldnt cause any damage. it might use a little more fuel, but nothing to write home about.
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