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Thread: Shall I buy - Astra G SXi????????

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    Thumbs Up Shall I buy - Astra G SXi????????


    Firstly I'm new here.

    Looking for a car and i've seen this for 1875-
    1999 T reg 3dr 1.6 16V Astra SXi
    New MOT
    6 mnths TAX
    New front tyres
    3 mnth warranty
    Seviced and cam bellt changed

    I would like to know a few things if anyone knows the answer please-

    Service costs?
    Known problems?
    Sound like a good buy?
    Things to look out for?
    What should the mileage be good for?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Firstly welcome to AS/AOC mate.

    The SXI is 1 insurance group lower than the SRI but comes with alot of kit for the money. Being a T reg I'd expect it to come with the older X16XE engine which IIRC uses good old throttle cables and has a less restrictive cat.

    83'000 is not really high milage for that age of car. Mines an 03 reg with 75'000 on the clock and its still never missed a beat and I rag the pants off it everywhere I go.

    Down to your questions...
    MPG? - Depends how you drive it. I rag the pants of mine so it returns a miserable 250mpg, however I have driven like miss daisey and have returned over 300mpg

    Service costs? - If your doing it yourself and do the usual plugs, oil/air/pollen/petrol filters and renew oil then all should be good for £50-£70 easy. Cambelt, rollers, tensioners and water pump should be replaced every 40'000 miles not 80'000 as the manual states.

    Known problems? - EGR valve takes exhaust gases and recycles them to reduce emmissions and bring up the temperature of the engine quickly. These usually get gunked up but can be taken apart and cleaned without any major hassles.
    Idle air control valve also suffers gunkyness and would need cleaning from time to time to solve any idling problems. As long as you have 2 hands then you can do this.
    The rear springs seem to snap quite often on these mk4 astras regardless of engine size so watch for a broken rear spring. Plenty of people on here have their standard suspension lying in the garage or shed waiting for someone who needs them so can be picked up for peanuts.
    Careful of the drivers door frame where the door bolts onto the frame. These can weaken as the MK4 door is quite heavy and you will see it if it needs attention. Just a reweld or reinforcement will be required easy to do for any competant person who can use a welder.

    Sound like a good buy? Sounds it mate. Obviously check for usual signs.

    Things to look out for? See common problems...

    What should the mileage be good for? Keep it well serviced and look after the engine and there shouldn't be anything to worry about seeing it past 200'000

    Hope that helps
    Its a jam thing

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    yeah go for it but like jam said check the usual
    Astra GSi Turbo
    Live in the East Midlands?

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