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Thread: Retrimming headlining

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    Retrimming headlining

    Hi all
    I am considering retrimming the roof lining in my car and also the the beige plastics aroung the top half of the interior.
    I know a few people have already done this, how easy did you find it? what sort of glue did you use?
    Also could anybody provide some pictures to show the end results.

    I am also considering what material to use, I have decided to go with a charcole colour to keep in with the rest of the cloth interior but alcantara is very expensive, i have found some material on ebay which looks as though it may do the job as the areas being trimmed are not hardwaring areas, let me know what you think about the ebay item.


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    See if you can get hold of this chap for some pointers
    I'm sure others have done it, but i've seen darrens work and it does look good, he's not on here much these days but give him a pm
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