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Thread: O2 Sensors

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    O2 Sensors

    I have the X18XE1, I was wondering if someone could point me in the best direction for a price on both the 02 sensors for this model?

    Also if anyone knows the vx part numbers I would love you long time!

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    If u have the X18XE1 engine then you will only have 1 O2 sensor

    Part number 90536393 - ebay approx £60

    Its the Z18XE variant which has 2 O2 sensors...

    If this is infact the model you have then the parts are as follows:
    Bank 1 Sensor - ie Manifold/CAT = 9202575
    Bank 2 Sensor - ie Front pipe = 9158718

    If its the latter then just pop the part numbers into ebay search and check the box for "search title and description"

    Also try LMF & Autovaux for prices


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    Thanks, I give up with the DIY approach ... contacted trading standards (REALLY USEFULL warranties are a waste of cash from used car sales because the law covers you anyways) and have the car booked in at vauxhall ... told them not to ring till its fixed lol

    Thanks for your help though

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