Hi chaps,

I'm off to look at a couple of Astra estate cars tomorrow and would appreciate some advice on what I should be looking for (ie. common faults, etc).

The cars are both 1.6 (8v) estate autos. One is a 2000 X and the other is a 2001 Y. Both cars are metallic silver (my preferred colour) and have covered just short of 60,000 miles.

Ideally I was looking for a 1.6 16v, but they don't seem to exist with auto boxes (or are very very rare). However from what I've read the 8v version is very strong and reliable (which is more important to me than performance)?

What is the cam belt change interval on these cars? I think it's every 4 years, but anyone know what the mileage limit is. Are there any other major jobs that should have been carried out?

Anyone know what sort of ecomony I'm likely to get? I've had a look on the Parkers website and that indicates around 32mpg (with auto box). Is this realistic? I won't be using the car all that much, but when I do it'll be for longer motorway journeys.

Thanks in anticipation.