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Thread: Linea Rossa's modification Diary

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    Linea Rossa's modification Diary

    Welcome to my diary for my Astra.

    Lets start at the very begining.................

    I never intended to buy an astra cab but was driving home one day and it caught my eye sat on the garage forecourt. To cut a long story short 2 weeks later (april fools day) i had the car sat on the drive.

    Its a 2003 1.8 Linea Rossa Cabriolet, when i purchased the car i had no idea that it was a special edition. I just liked every aspect of the car.

    Standard Specification is
    • Red/Black leather interior
    • Cruise Control
    • Air Conditioning
    • Rear Parking Sensors
    • ABS
    • TCS
    • SE2/Linea Rossa alloy wheels
    • Linea Rossa kick plates
    • Linea Rossa Carpet Mats
    • Heated Front Seats
    The private plate was carried over from my previous car, and untill christmas that year i kept the car completely OE.

    After wanting to uparde my head unit i came accross a great deal on a in dash DVD palyer,the sound quality on the standard speakers just using an upgraded amplifier in the head unit is a vast improvement.

    For Christmas my parents puchased a badgeless grill from LMF for me, this was the start of the modifiying.

    I think the slatted, badgeless grill makes the front look alot smoother and less fussy

    After christmas the car was due to go into the garage, this ended up costing me alot of money a 40,000 service was due, with cambelt and water pump. Just to make things even better the roof decided that it no longer wanted to operate.

    After the "fantastic" mechanics at vauxhall took three attempts to diagnose the problem it ended up costing £800 alone to get the roof working. Apparently an ECU is not covered by a used car warranty.

    With MOT time fast approaching the cab was in need of some new shoes.

    Using the theory that a set of new Good Year Eagle F1's were probably going to cost me about the same as a set of 18's with cheaper tyres, i headed off to South West Tyres in Clevedon.

    After spending a considerable amount of time chatting to the boys at SWT i decided that
    • 18's didnt look much bigger than my SE2's
    • There was no point changing them for another set of 17's
    • i couldnt find any 19's that would fit that i liked.
    It was at this point Matt from SWT came over and asked what my budget was, my answer........ i was just after something i liked. I was then shown a very nice set of wheels, of which i liked very much.

    They turned out to be 20's and the rest as they say is history.

    After being convinced they would fit and told if they didnt once they were on the car i didnt have to buy them, the deal was done.

    They did fit and i did buy them and this is what they looked like.

    The wheels are 20" SSW eclipse on 225/30/20 rubber

    It was always my plan to lower the car once i had new wheels, but i was unsure how it would sit with its new wheels on so left it for a week to decide what i wanted to do

    After thinking about many options (coil overs, springs only, airbags, hydraulics) i decided that the option I prefered was springs only. They were affordable and would drop it by the amount I required.

    Back at SWT I had PI springs fitted
    35mm drop on the front
    25mm drop on the back

    Some people have been uphappy with the performance of PI springs but I have found them to great.

    The drop was perfect and the ride was not to firm, even with the quite low profile tyres

    After never indending to get such large wheels and dropping it as low as was possible it still looked quite high from the front

    So i started looking for a bodykit that was deep, not to over the top and good quality.

    After looking at various options i narrowed it down to

    GSI or Rieger front bumper

    Irmy or Rieger side skirts

    Irmy rear corner splitter or Rieger rear bumper

    So off to the body shop the car went

    • The rear arches were modified
    • Irmy rear corner splitters fitted
    • rear bumper fully resprayed
    • Rieger side skirts fitted
    • Rieger front bumper and fogs fitted

    Next on the list was a replacement exhaust, after a recomendation i went to Infinity exhasusts and got a custom 6x4 stainless steel cat back exhaust fitted. I didnt want anything to loud so i chose the mild sport option

    Apart from a good clean i have not made any other modificationa since PV.

    Profesional photo shoot - thanx to Finny!

    So thats how the car looks at the moment, for now its staying as it is but early next year i am planning on a few more modifications.

    Im toying with the following ideas-

    Morette headlight converstion

    HID upgrade

    Brake Upgrade (308 or 356)

    ICE upgrade

    Further paint work/work on the boot

    Some under the bonnet upgrades

    Will post up pics as soon as there are any changes

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    There have been a few changes to the can recently, not all of them my choice.

    First chane is the drop to 19" rims. This was part choice and part requirement.

    I had always liked the wheels fitted to lee gsi's black coupe and I managed to source a set online.

    So with the 19's on for the winter the 20's went in to storage. Currently off to get refurished ready to go back on soon.

    The next "additions" were certainly not my choice, after some one caused this damage

    so the cab currently looks like this

    Only other new addition is an Irmy tax disc holder kindly purchased by my girl friend.

    So, the future. Well the plans have not changed much really. Aiming for April 08 to get the car finished.

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    Made quite a few changes to the cab for 2008's show season.

    Had been collecting bits since Christmas and these were the first to go on the car

    Depo H7 Shark eyes - with HID upgrade

    Next up where genuine Lexmaul rear lights, I had been after these for ages and a set finally came up.

    Engine cover was re sprayed Flame red to match the exterior

    And some glenn yale chrome goodies were added under the bonnet to

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