Right well after spending the last few months doing what I usually do and building up a pile of parts & things for the car, I have taken mon-fri off this week to clear the backlog. ATM all I have left to do is fit the Vectra recaro interior (which I can't do until I get the runners through the post hopefully within the next week or so) and to finish off the boot build (which is what I will be doing tomorrow and possibly friday).

so... what next? By the time I finish the two jobs mentioned above I won't have any more parts left knocking around that I am ready to fit (I do have a couple of bits that are part of a WIP that I'm keeping hush-hush though ). So what shall I do? the interior will be done (besides a good clean I dare say) and the ICE will be all but done (besides the bits I can't afford yet and the constant tinkering that I do nearly all the time)...

So I am thus looking for a few bits to do that won't cost the earth (don't forget the whole project ethos ) and will keep me busy/occupy some time whilst I put the pennies away for some exterior mods...

I was thinking about the following:

- Larger/custom air intake (i.e. upgrading my Veccy intake for an even larger one)

- Custom brake ducting (ready for larger brakes in the no-doubt distant future)

- Custom dash switch panel for various as-yet-unnamed 12v accessories

- DIY interior colour coded plastics

- DIY exterior colour coded plastics

- Custom interior Lights/map lights/grab handles/kerb lights etc

...or do I use the time to perfect the designs for my larger plans? such as boot build v2 or the secret project: as-trailer..?

so anybody got any suggestions?