It all started when i was about 15. I wanted a fast and modified car as all young lads do after watching fastandfurious. I was always searching the internet for things that i could do to my car when i finally get one.

Anyway June 2005 i turned 17. I had started my lessons on my birthday and had continued doing them for about a month. Then i broke my foot at work which I was relly annoyed about. Eventually it all got better and I managed to pass my test 1st time in December 2005. So while I was waiting to pass my test I was searching for cars and had gone from looking at a Saxo, to buying a Corsa which when i went to pick it up it wasnt in the condition it should have been, so I got my money back.

Then one night searching Auto-trader I saw a 1.6 SXI silver Astra 2002 with 35k on the clock. This had to be mine I said to myself. So the following day was a sunday and off my dad I plodded to have a look I bought it that same day. On the Monday I was going away for 5 days, and I just wanted to get back to my car. On the Saturday I went to pick it up and I loved it.

Here is the car standard.

One evening I was bored and stumbled across A-S now known as AOC. After looking on the site for hours on end i came across LMF and the first thing I bought was a Irmy Grill. Then I had to have 2 new tyres fitted, and while I was there the guy told me that i had a broken spring. So I searched ebay and found some J-Tec lowering springs 40mm. Also at this time I bought a after market air filter. Also fitted was a remus centre section.

Irmy Grill

Air Filter

Lowered 40mm

Next to come was blue side lights, (chav i know) and blue tint headlights.
Then after a few months i was kindly donated 2x12" Infinity subs from my gf brother. By this time a year had passed my birthday had been and gone and I still had money left over. So off i went down to Car Electronics and bought a Pioneer Head Unit, 1200w Sony XPlod Amp and wiring kit. My gf day help me fit all of this.


I also had my windows tinted and a sunstrip as you can see in pics above.

At this stage nothing really happened as funds wouldnt allow. Untill i had a tip from my boss on 2 horses, so i backed them in a £5 E/W double and they both won. Which landed me a nice tidy sum of £1450. I was only 18 and never really had this sort of money and was unsure what to do with it. So I saved some and then treated my car to a set of TSW Rocket 4 Alloys in black. I had an alarm fitted at this stage with total closure.


This however was the worst mistake ever. They are horrible! The drums were also painted red which was horrible too.

I then bought some and fitted some 8000k HID's, but i left the blue led side lights in beacause they gace a nice touch I thought.

(Pics to come)

Also i have bought INXX Bonnet lifters and some Boot lifters from LMF to compliment the new spoiler below and smoked side repeaters. Pics below.

Time For A Change. Ive decided subtle is the best way.

I realised i didnt want to keep the wheels on the car any longer so i put my original wheels back on which transformed the look. I was releived to see it looking better. I then debadged the boot, took all the badges off the doors and the petrol cap cover was removed. Whilst doing this i made a rubbish job and scratched all the paintwork! While i was in the clean mood I de-stickered all the windows and bought some new AS stickers. The car was then ready to go to the bodyshop. So i booked it in for a GSI spoiler to be sprayed and fitted, side skirts, handles wing mirros and roof rails colour coded all the scrathes done and the rear drums sand blasted and painted black.

Drums black

Colour Coded

GSI Spoiler

This is how the car is today without the chav rear number plate.

At PVS2007 thanks to dharding and GeordieBandit, i de-restricted my airbox fitted a veccy-c pipe and a courtney panel filter.

Next mods, unfortunatly i will be selling the car soon so no more mods will be made to this car. But fortunatly im hoping to buy a 1.8sri in ultra blue which lots of mods will be made, but of course they will be subtle and no ott!