Figured i should write myslef one of these seeing as everyone else seems to have one!

So prior to my Astra i was the proud owner of a 1996 Ford Fiesta;

However - after a year of ownership i sold it and got my astra;

These pictures were taken within the first few days of ownership.

I then got a friend of mines to put my vision for the Astra into photoshop;

Then i discovered Astra Sport!

So once some funds had found their way into the bank i decided to treat myself to some mods;

I added the FK Slatted Grille & Some Smoked Irmy Lights All from LMF. It was also about this time that i de-restricted the airbox & added a pipercross panel filter.

I then got around to painting the centre console for the first time & adding some Irmy Pedals.

My car remained like this for a while until i had saved up enough to get some colour coding done & some form of bodykit added as i didnt want to do it in bits and bobs.

I had an irmscher front splitter blended into the from bumper, an SRi rear splitter added, bumpstrips & side skirts colour coded and a GSi Spoiler added to the rear.

I then worked away again for a few months until i could afford my next big purchase;

These were fitted first for a few days until they settled and a gave the car some new shoes!

Also internally i had read about an interesting new modification that had been discovered;

I had also got myself a new headunit by this point as well

Next up was some exhaust shopping;

After the exhaust, i had to do some more work and saving for a while - right up until i seen some angel eyes going cheap on here & saw the HID group buy. So i thought, heck, why not!

Also added some bonnet lifters at this point;

The car was now taking shape the way i had first planned & i was very happy with it

However there was always bound to be something to wipe the smile off my face, and in early feburary someone decided to do just that.

I was hit on the M8 motorway at about 70mph by a drunk driver who then fled the scene. The police have luckily repremanded him & i'm due to be a witness in court in September!

So after 8 weeks of extensive repairs & me slowly going mad, i got her back!

Damaged side now repaired;

So the next mods that i completed after this point were mostly internal. I was never overly happy with how the coin & cupholder looked - i didnt think it looked OE enough, so after speaking nicely to my mate he gave it a go and blended it into the dash. This was a first attempt and admittedly its still not perfect - but i'm happy with it for the time being!

My next addition came in the form of a Private plate;

Graham C?

My latest mod comes courtesy of Oddjob & his dash conversions. So far i've only got pictures of the MFD but i will have some more of the rest soon