Product Review for Poorboy's World Natty's Red Paste Wax 'Limited Edition'
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Overview - Natty's Red is a special formulation to enhance any colour finish with depth, gloss, wetness, and slickness not seen in any other wax. It still has the Natty's easy on and easy off characteristics, be it in sun or shade, as well as the Poorboy's incredible and irresistible scent of Wild Strawberry. Poorboy’s have made only 1000 jars of Natty's Red

Test Conditions - Forest Green astra G. 18C light westerly breeze. Car only had road film on it and was removed using meg's quick detailer and a terry towel.

Use -

Good Points -

From openeing the jar you are hit with the smell of strawberries. I honestly didn't know wheteher to put it on my car or my tongue it smelt so nice. I started off by doing the roof which was in direct sunlight and very hot to touch. I did the roof in small sections as the wax started to haze very quickly after application on the hot surface. I thought i was going to be in for a torrid time getting it off with how hot the roof was but there was very little effort required. When waxing parts in the shade (in this case the boot) I found you could apply the wax to a whole panel before it hazed, and was still extremely easy to removed and buff up.

Bad Points -

they're only making 1000 jars of it.

Marks Out of 10 - 9.5/10

Value for money 7/10 - it is £5 more expensive than a larger, 8oz, tub of natty's blue or white.
Ease Of Use 10/10 - Even on very hot bodywork, the wax was easily applied and buffed off.
Instructions 8/10 - Tells you what to use before the wax and what to use to apply the wax, but a beginner may not know to do a small area at a time on the warmer surfaces to avoid a streaky finish
Time to Use 10/10 - Seemed to take less time to do the whole car because of the minimal amount of effort to use
Result 10/10 - See for yourself