Hey all, after payday this month think I will be upgrading the sound in my car.

Currently I am running the standard speakers off of a Pioneer P55 BT.

Now it sounds alrite but obviously louder it goes worse it gets.

So i want to get some new speakers in the front door and Amp these aswell, and possibly in the future I would like to add a Sub and maybe in my next car i will have the rear speakers replaced too. So would like to future proof myself with the amp and presume i would need a 6 channel one. But if this costs a lot i could possibly go for a 4 channel or 2 channel and then add amps or change in the future.

Also need some wiring and soundproofing but this is fairly easy to get.

Budget for speakers and amp is around 200 quid if possible a bit cheaper so i can get the wiring and soundproofing chucked in aswell.

Thanks for looking