well i added my blue bulbs in ages ago for my dash, and since then in the daytime i cannot see my milage etc. so today i had enough, i had some ssilver speedo pins, so i decided i would kill two birds with one big stupid brick.

cut along story short, i did it all, thought was ok..

whilst driving tonight i noticed.

when am driving, suddenly my dash will die, (like i have turned the igniton off) and then start again, nothing happens to the car, just the dash, then before.. i reversed.. but my lights ddidnt come on.. and they wont come on at all when i reverse :\

lol and heres the last bit, when i turn my front bumper foggys on. my dash lights go off..

any ideas? i didnt remove or play with any wires. just unplugged the dash and re plugged.