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Thread: Auto box oil change

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    Auto box oil change

    What are the signs of needing a an oil change?
    What oil should I get?
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    Check the colour of the oil on the dipstick, assuming your model has one. Fresh oil is translucent red but darkens with age/wear. If it's black your autobox may well be shot. If it's brown, change the oil.

    Vauxhall state that autobox fluid changes are needed every 40,000 miles under arduous conditions, but not otherwise! I tow a 1200kg caravan and change every 20,000.

    Use Dexron 3. The nominal capacity is 5 litres, Haynes give the capacity at fluid change of 4 litres but I only ever get 2.5-3 litres in mine.

    Add fluid in small amounts, checking the level with the engine running. DON'T overfill any autobox, it can blow seals with terminal effects.
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