i been running my head unit just normal with four speakers,phono leads to a toxic 600 amp and a sub,the speakers are phased ,etc,but it doesnt sound right.....i have two amps a spla300(4*75w) and the toxic tx600 ,the problem i have is that there is hardly any sound comming from the front of my motor,to be honest it sounds shit...is this spl amp enough to run my four speakers? ..the sub works great with the tx600.......the point being.do i need components in my front doors?.im thinking of jbl 16.5cm with tweeters for my front doors.it doesnt need to sound outragious or owt...i just want some decent sounding music..ie sum front speakers that actually do something.i have upgraded the front speakers a few months ago to pioneer 13cm (had to make a dikky bracket) out of mdf.....any ideas lads?