astra sri turbo running totally standard apart from a courtenay intercooler promotasport boost pipe and baileys DV26 dump valve. driving along boosts to 10psi on my boost gauge, I let off acceleration dump valve doesnt operate and bang. Like hitting a wall, spanner light on traction controll light on, running like shit then it cuts out all together. pull over pop the bonet to find the boost pipe had BLOWN off the pipe to the intercooler, refit at my house as i wasnt far away start engine, all apears fine even the idle again apart from the spanner light is still on. I gentley try and boost it to see what happens and the dump valve operates but quietly. I have checked all hoses and its showing 10psi on the gauge again so what could the problem be? I had problems with the DV before blocking up with oily gungy greasy stuff which I cleaned out. is it possible it could be a boost controll solonoid or something? failing any help on here I will have it tech2d at vauxhall which hopefully will identify the problem. Has this happened to anyone before? cheers for reading anyway.