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Thread: Car went pop..but time for new goodies

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    Car went pop..but time for new goodies

    After a successful day at PV..things never seemd to go well after that. After going home from work on mon nite the car started making funny noises. No boost and loud whirring...turbo gone!!

    So since minday night the car has been up on stands and been stipped waiting for new parts.

    Spent loads of money this month..
    Bought a promotasport header tank and loads of yellow hoses (not necessary..but look good!), a vxr turbo, fitting kit, pre-cat, milltec cat back and had a decat centre pipe made.

    I know its a bit of a long way to do it..but the aircon needed re-charging stripped the front end!! Bumper, bumper bar and all 3 rads!! I can now look straight at the turbo and as soon as the pre-cat turns up today from LMF it'll all be on!!

    Sorry about the pic quality..but they are off my phone...i have some progress pics at home on the digital camera.

    - Brand spankin Vxr Turbo & manifold

    - Rads and intercooler!

    - Stripped (hate seeing my car like this!!!

    Pic of the engine bay before stripping and new hoses & polished tank!!

    - On the way to PV
    Was a 1.8 now a Z20LET! Driveway built astra. OMEX 600. GT2871R. 421bhp 390ftlb

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    That car looks Strangely similair to mine haha
    EK9 Type R

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