right here goes.. mk4 16 16v y reg 87kmiles, serviced every month by my self for year and a half had no probs with it up until now.. i do quite a bit of driving up and down the country to see the othe half.. this problem has started occuring when av done about 250 mile, it looses all power mainly whenam getting up to speed it just dies then comes back to life, jerking back and it can not find any speed so it becomes dangerous, the other day tried to over take a lorry and there was no power there what so ever it kept onjerking and dieing then coming back with power. it feels like fuel is not getting into the fuel line.. i have had it into vauxhall dealer they say there is a loose conection on the ECU. so there going to replace it friday not to much but what happens if it still does it. because to be honest i dont think that this switch is the problem.could it be the fuel injectors or has any1 had this problem with theres, o yes also another vauxhall dealer changed the coil pack and spark plugs they thought it would be that. i have tried everything please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!