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Thread: help with body kits

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    Red face help with body kits

    im new to this malarky, so please bare with me
    i have a 2006 Black Astra SRI with a SRI exterior pack on it. i have been looking at other kits to make it a little more sporty. im keen on the VXR & Irmscher kits but am undecide what one to go for. Can any1 give me any pointers or views?
    i have looked at this site & forum and have gone thru th galleries, which have given me some good ideas, but now i have seen the MS Design kit and think its gorgeous! I need info on how th VXR kit is fitted too before i make a choice - its hard!
    i called the Vauxhall garage direct and to be honest it was a waste of time! they didnt have a clue, so i need to speak to some1 with plenty knowledge and i think i have gone in the right direction!?
    any help would be much appreciated
    thanks very much

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    Hi Yvonne,

    The kits are quite easy to install. Some are replacement parts which will come with instructions on how to remove the current bumper. Some are bumper extensions in which case you need to attach it using some silkflex or similar and that should afix it nicely.

    Irmscher parts will fit perfectly and will haev full instructions.

    The VXR part will fit perfectly but will come with no instructions. But fitting is the reverse of removal. I'm sure I can dig you out a how2 to sort this bit out for you.

    I think the hard part for you is deciding on a kit.

    Its a jam thing

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