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Thread: coupe exhaust please check

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    coupe exhaust please check

    was thinking of getting this for me 1.8 coupe.. BUT wot the hell is a flange fitment? can ne one detail this?

    can sumone also help me out as the remus backbox is £131 on its own and then the center pipe is £69.. so neideas why they may be selling it more than if sold sperately?

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    The join, near the rear axle beam, between the intermediate silencer and backbox can be either sleeve or flange.

    Sleeve is where one pipe just slides into the next and is clamped tight.

    Flange has an oval bracket on each pipe and the two flanges are bolted together, with a gasket in between.

    On Astra-G it's very difficult to tell from model or chassis number which is fitted - the only sure way is to look underneath at your existing fitting.

    If you're replacing both sections, it doesn't matter whether they're flange or sleeve as long as they're the same.

    There is a converter available, but it only works one way (and I can't remember which!).

    The linked picture shows flange welded on the centre pipe, far end, and a floating flange on the backbox inlet.
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