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Thread: Coolant leaking everywhere...

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    Coolant leaking everywhere...

    Hey guys car I have an '03 Astra Mk4 turbo with about 60K kms, just noticed about a week ago that coolant was leaking out of the coolant reservoir (the one at the top right hand side of the bonnet). So I bought some gasket goo and sealed it up (it was leaking from the join - it is a two piece design). Anyway left it for a few days then the coolant warning thing came on the dash. So topped up the coolant and noticed it is now leaking from the point at which the rubber hose joins the coolant reservoir. Also noticed there is a hell of a lot pressure and heat coming out of it...

    I was thinking of just buying a new reservoir but now not sure if this would be a waste of money as there may be so much unusual pressure/heat that the new one will just break too. Anyone experienced this problem.

    Also just two observations:
    1) The temp gauge on the dash has gone no-where near half way so far.
    2) After a long drive you turn the car off and take the keys out and despite the heat there is no radiator fan running. Put the keys in and turn accessories on (without starting car) and fans run. Is this normal as well?


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    Personally Id drain all the coolant - fit a new thermostat and new expansion tank - refill with nice fresh longlife coolant (available from ur Holden dealer) - stat part number 90501081 & gasket 9157001 (if not supplied) and this should fix both issues. Once system is full - run the engine for about 10mins with the expansion tank cap removed & the heater blowers on full speed/temp - this should ensure theres no air trapped in the system. Some ppl say the Astras use a anti air-lock system so bleeding isnt necessary but its best to be on the safe side.

    Defo cant see it being a waste of money - the failed part is more likely a one off and not caused by a pressure build up. Whats the condition of the water? Also the oil? Any contamination in either to indicate dreaded head problems? If not - Id just put it down to coincidence more than anything

    As for the cooling fan - Ive noticed the Mk4 fans in general seem to have a mind of their own - sometimes they work after switching off - sometimes they dont. This could be something as simple as a faulty sensor - unfortunately Im not that clued up on this u might be best waiting for a more knowledgable member to reply.

    Id certainly look into getting the other parts changed over asap...Im fairly confident this will restore things.


    Oh and welcome to AstraSport

    Any pics of ur motor?

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