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Thread: Problem with Drivers Side light alignment...

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    Problem with Drivers Side light alignment...


    My g/f's Astra drivers headlight is causing me a headache It's miles out of alignment - ATM, driving on dipped beam causes a lot of people to flash at us as its like driving on main beam?

    I've checked and as far as I can see, everything is all in the right place - the adjuster "cog" bits are plugged in and both main and dipped beam seem to be plugged in right. Everything looks ok when you look straight on at the car, but driving at night behind someone, I'm lighting up the entire car in fronts interior etc!

    Any ideas? Is it a common noobie issue?

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    When you say the adjuster cogs? do you mean the electric adjusters?

    If so theres a allen key adjuster just to the edge of the slam panel behind the light.
    Get it drove infront of a wall on level ground and start adjusting the allen key adjuster until the light starts moving down to the same level.

    The last two astra's ive had, inc the coupe turbo....have always had the drivers headlamp aiming upwards.
    Wasn't until i was following a car with a rather flat boot lid one night, that i noticed it was aiming up and glaring back at me through the boot lid.

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