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Thread: Lose Power At Motorway Speeds... Anyone Help?

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    Lose Power At Motorway Speeds... Anyone Help?

    Hi, got a 2001 Astra 1.7DTi and recently when rushing to exams (getting up late!) on the motorway as the car is sitting at around 80-90mph i get the engine management light on and feels as thou i loose the turbo as i loose power... if i slow right down to 60mph the light goes out after a couple of minutes and get power back.. Any ideas what could be causing this? Could it be the turbo on its way out?
    Thanks in advance
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    EGR Valve perhaps. Get a tech2 or a local garage to read the error code sorted in the ECU (£30). I was doing 90mph when mine went on my 1.6 and I lost all power 55mph I ended up doing on the Mway as the fault had put the car in limp mode.

    Take the valve off and clean it. Reassemble see if that helps. However get the code read as it could be something else entirely.

    Its a jam thing

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