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Thread: Convoy from Watford Area

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    Hey Guys

    Just wondering if anyone is planning on going to PVS on the Sunday morning from the Watford Area or if anyone from anywhere else wanted to meet up on the way so we can convoy to Santa Pod Raceway. I am planning on going up the M1 I think unless others have a better route in mind.

    Just wanted to see if there was anyone as I’m trying to decide if I want to travel to the event and so get a ticket.

    Post a reply if you or anyone you know would be interested.


    P.S. Will be taking 15” Six Spoke Alloy wheels with me to the vent if I go which are for sale. Click the link to see post.

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    Im hooking up with this convoy on sunday as it seems to be the main one.

    PV Convoy North - M1 J12 (Toddington Services)

    Check it on the PVS thread


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    Me and ClarkySri-T are meeting with the others at the services but we're heading off from around the Watford/Rickmansworth area.

    We're prob meetin up at the shell petrol station at the Chorleywood/Rickmansworth Junction. Your more than welcome to come up with us
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