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Thread: Removing Dump valve

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    Removing Dump valve

    How do you go about doing it? What do you do about the hose coming out of the top of it?

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    Pull it off it off the dump valve and what ever it connects to.

    Where does it go to? The FPR or the vacuum hose on the turbo?

    If it goes to the FPR (under the crossover) its a piece of piss to remove, just pull off the t-piece and re-place the original black pipe.
    Can't comment on the vacuum hose as have never touched it before, but imagine it would be the same set-up as the FPR

    Will also need to get a plug of some sort to fill the hole on the boost pipe. Guessing you have a metal or silicone pipe as your running 3.5?

    Shouldn't take longer than 10mins to remove it.

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