Bit of a gay one for ya.
Fitted a set of chrome speedo ring the other day and since then ive had nothing but bother but todays **** ups take the mick. The mile read out light went out yesterday and i needed to tidy up the cluster as there were glue marks everywhere. Replaced the bulb and put back, but when cleaning i knocked the rev counter needle. Started it up and the thing went lulu, turn lights on fog light teltale lit up, milo light flashed on and off, plug at the back was very loose. So took it out, then put back in without the glass (plastic) on, turned the ign on and placed the rev needle at '0', started all fine, switch off and the needle drops too far and on restart its in the wrong place, it idles at 400rpm. Is there any way to sort the plug abit (altho fine now) and sort this rev counter?

Sorry for my long 'windedness'