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Thread: Product Review: Gilmour Foamaster Wash

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    Product Review: Gilmour Foamaster Wash

    There is a lot of buzz going about on various car and detailing ( or washing as I call it ) forums recently about "Zero Contact Washing" of cars..

    Thanks to some person who cant spell I managed to get one of them Gilmour foam gun thingy-majigs off Ebay for £7 including postage ( I love )..

    So this mornig I thought I would give it a try and see what all the buzz is about.. It needed a clean thanks to some gas company guys who covered my car in dust.

    First off I got some foamy product "Chemical Guys Maxi Suds 2" and more of my favorite shampoo "Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash".

    I made up some mixture of the two with warm water...

    As you can see in this first picture, my car was VERY filthy

    Started off just wetting the car using the Gilmour... Just a quick spar over nothing special. Shows what a good polish/wax does as the water just falls off So, wetting it was a waste of time..

    Next shows the car after it was left for 5 minutes ( was soaked after spraying it so needed to dry off before I could get a pic )... TBH, although the Gilmour generates a load of foam, unless its like shaving foam its NEVER going to stay on long and I really dont think it needs to as it beats the point of having the dirt "pulled" off by the falling foam.

    This image shows the car after about 5 minutes.

    These two images show it after 10 minutes.

    Next task was rinsing the car. Took quite some time to get all the foam off as it had been given time to get in all the nooks and crannies, but at this stage you could see dirt just coming off the car.

    Thanks to the woman next door for helping me get a rinsing shot

    Next I dried the car...

    So, my thoughts:

    Ease of use... Gets a 10 out of 10.. Even a Monkey could use it.

    Time saving... Dosent really save time only effort.

    Fomage... I think it makes enough foam... Some forums diss it because it does not generate the shaving foam effect of coating thre car..

    Does it eliminate cleaning by hand... NO, When I was rinsing the car I noticed some bug blood/puss still on the front and some tar near the arches and sills.. BUT, the marks only needed wiping so remove them unlike the effort bug marks mormally need to remove by hand. I do believe the foaming broke down hard to remobe marks but only failed to take it off the car.

    My conclusion:

    Is it worth the money is the key question about this type of system.. Well IMHO, NO its not worth the retail price of between £40-50.. Not that the product is not good, just that what it does can be achieved for FREE by spending that extra bit of time and effort with a good sponge/washmit and a decent car shampoo.

    But seing as I only paid £7 for it, I will use it again

    Overall marks out of 10... 7.5

    Have another pic
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    bargain!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooooo jealous. you'l have to try some snow foam in with the shampoo. should give you a lot more proper foam.

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