hey guys, just thought id ask here for a bit of help or advice about something id really love to do. ill start from the beginning (sorry fro the long story). Back in january the family brought me a helicopter trial flying lesson, booked it up and took it last month. Never flown in my life before and to say just being in the air was amazing is a understatement! then took the controls (or a control, first time, didnt trust me with all of them ) and felt great!! we cycled through all the controls, got to hover and everything, was great fun! so pay day arrived and i booked up my first real lesson, once again was amazing, i love every bit of it, but... heres the thing... £300 ish an hour!! plus £50 membership a year!! i need 45 hours minimum to get my license, working on a once per month its around 4 years!!! needless to say this has put my car on the back burner too (and everything else) but i love flying now! my instructor told me i was picking things up really well and maybe i should think about RAF or Royal Navy!! thing is im not a physically fit person, not even in the slightest, so i wouldnt get through those training parts basically i was wondering if you guys knew of any way to get like a sponsership for lessons, in return for services after completion? or any other comments/views/opinions or options you have?

Thanks for reading