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Thread: din screen would it work with my h/u?

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    din screen would it work with my h/u?

    i have a JVC 3.5" screen atm and i am wondering would this be suitable to work with it?

    CATV all Channels Subjoin TV Receiver (470MHZ)
    Color TV System:PAL/NTSC (SECAM Can Be Ordered)
    Sound System: B/G.D/K.I (M System Can be Ordered)
    Video (AV) Input:1VP-P 2 ways: AV2 Can Be Used As Car Rear Viewing Video Display
    Eight Languages OSD Menu: Chinese, English, Russian, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and Arabic Menu Display.
    Audio Output: 0.2W (Max)
    Connectors: Audio/Video(AV) Input Jacks.12V Input Jack
    Power Supply:
    1. Automobile Storage Battery (12V)
    2. Automobile Adapter
    Power Consumption: Around 8W
    Weight: About 1750g

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    Well your JVC headunit has a video out and it looks like that has a video input so it should hook up fine
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