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Thread: changing seats help....

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    changing seats help....

    i am trying to remove the front seats on a mk 4 5 door, to replace them with some a different colour, managed to get seat undone etc. but how do you undo the seat belt pretensioners?????

    also when removing the rear bench, one bolt has rounded off and i cannot remove it no matter how i try.....

    any advice please????

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    Seat belt pretensioners are held on by a female torx bolts, big one T50 I think, just undo that and disconnect from the black box the terminal sits it and it will come off no problem.

    Rounded bolts on the rear bench fittings are quite common, soak in WD40 or penetrating oil, obtain a new one or even better a set of new bolts from Vx, allow to soak for a while, you can now either try hammering a new slightly smaller socket into the bolt or I'd personally get a sharp metal chisel and tap the bolt on it's edge until you get the bolt to spin, it's not impossible to do but it ain't easy either. The bolt sticks out underneath the car, this rusts like hell and is why the bolt rusts in place, you could get under the car and cut off all the remaining thread so that when it moves it doesn't have to cut all the rust of the remaining thread as it passes through the captive nut.

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