Right, not really that much planned for this car as its supposed to be a 'sensible, family car' we shall see

First thing that was done was to get my private plate on, after quite a bit of hassle due to the doner car (my old GTE) not having a chassis number stamped on the shell. Anyway, we got there in the end.

Next stop was get the windows tinted, so got hold of some lovely chappies in Camberley called Finger Licking Tinting, and got light smoke on the fronts, and a darker smoke on the rear of the car.

Then I spoke to the guys at Van Aaken about a SmartBox, which added 15bhp and 34ft lbs of torque, its a real plug and play (it sits to the right of the battery) and after the throttle position switch was all calabrated up, Im a happy bunny with the results

I paid a visit to Longlife in Basingstoke for a custom backbox to be made, with a nice tone to it, nothing too loud! Then, today I got my Irmy rear tinted lights from J4 JOE (thanks again) and I fitted them this evening

Im probably going to debadge the back next, and put just one opel badge in the centre. Ive got a MK4 rear boot spoiler being sprayed as we speak. Then as soon as money permits, shes going to be dropped a smidgen and have some standard vauxhall alloys put on, along with a bonnet extention