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Thread: what sould i do first?

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    Talking what sould i do first?

    i have an mk4 1.6 16v sport i just wanna find out what you lot would do first, put disc's on the rear or do a few engine mods.
    i already have cat back exhaust and mod air box with k&n pannel filter in it and front brakes i have ebc drilled disc's and green stuff pads.
    and if it engine mods what sould i do for more power
    ta scott
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    Not much more you can do power wise unless you want to start spending some serious cash on it. A remap will make the car better to drive, and also give a small hike in power.

    IMO rear discs will make the back end of the car look a lot better than drums, even if braking isn't vastly improved.

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