Looking at Lowering in the next week or so and have ben researching about it for ages. But still need a little advice....

I can't justify spending loads on coilovers so I'm going for new springs and shocks. Ideally I would like the classic Eibach 50/30 that many people choose. But my car is on 100k, so there is no chance I am using standard shocks. People keep saying get GSI ones. But I'm sure these weren't designed for a 50/30 drop either, so can't be right for the job?

Can anyone suggest any shocks that don't break the bank like Eibach pro dampers do at £282 !!! But can also support a drop and are slightly uprated? Unlike GSI's or the OEM Bilsteins, which can't take a drop.

Failing this, what do you guys reckon to mated spring and shocks kits? I have found a budget brand one that is a 40/35 drop.

Surely new shocks and springs made for each other budget has got to be better than just top class springs with shabby dampers?