Hi all,

First post so think this is the right place, and if this thread has been done before could someone just post a link as i couldn't find one!

Just wondering what are the smaller mods i can make to my astra to get better performance out of her? Ideally ones that aren't too dear and aren't going to ruin the MPG..

So far i've got a cat back Scorpion Monza, and i'm awaiting a K&N panel filter so i can fit it when i de-restrict the airbox/fit a Vectra C intake. I was told this mod is better than simply chucking an induction kit on it?

Apart from that the engine/exhaust is stock, after reading posts i've seen replacing the cat with a sports cat is better than a straight de-cat, how much are you looking at for a fairly cheap sports cat? I've only seen ones for a couple of hundred?

Cheers, Nick