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Thread: lowering help

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    lowering help

    j just got a silver astra coupe... looking to lower it .. how much can i lower it on 17s? 205/40/17.. and no scaraping over humps.. and has ne one got a sample pic of there car lowerd say 35mm on 17s?


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    First of all u should really be running 215/40/17s on ur car. Its what they rolled out of the factory on and they sit better and fill the arches much better.

    That aside - providing u get the offset of the wheels correct (if ur using aftermarket rims) - if on the other hand ur still on original rims then u can lower it a good way - maybe upto 70mm or so (coilover territory)

    IF u just want 35mm and ur on std wheels then do it - nothing at all to worry about.
    40mm is a common drop, 30/30 Eibach is common and so is 50/30 Eibachs

    Personally I would suggest u get some 50/30 Eibachs - 30 or 35mm drop isnt enough for a coupe in my opinion 50front 30rear is just about right.

    Hope this helps

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