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Thread: went to see Razorlight last night

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    went to see Razorlight last night

    I am not a massive fan of them, I really like there music and have the albums but I am not 100% into them, although sarah is!

    Went to the NEC last night to see the end of there tour and I have to say they were a lot better than I thought they would ever be live Very very tight performance and musically they are amazing musicians especially the drummer and the guitarist!

    You would have to say they will be around for a very long time with performances like they are doing and his voice is incredible strong - surprisingly so!

    Support bands where Mohair (very good and different) and Pull Tiger Tail (bloody awful), not a bad night out considering it was the NEC and gigs are usually pretty crap there

    If you get the chance to see Razorlight live even if you are not a massive fan I really would recommend it!
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    i must admit i do like there music, never seen them live but have heard good things about there gigs before too!

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