Hey guys, since i bought my 2.2 coupe back in nov ive had no end of oil leaks. After a full engine rebuild i was still leaking now after 7 further warrented trips back to garage and £1800 lighter im still leaking. Ive had 3/4more crank seals. New Sump. Now the leak doesnt seem to be dripping through where the gearbox and engine meet, but now the bottom of the gearbox is wet. Im not dropping huge amounts, about a 4cm circle over night. Oil is of a yellow/green colour, but not dirty so would assume not engine oil. Any ideas? Could get the seals redone in the gearbox, or would uit just be cheaper to buy a second hand box? got a few selling locally on ebay atm? Also how easy is fitting? i know the sub frame would have to be dropped but is this possible to do at home? Cant afford anymore labour costs, and garage refuses to take the car back again on warrenty. Says its not there problem, got TS involved but best they said i could do was take ti to another garage to have engine stripped to verify he has been working incorrectly but at a cost off over £1000, and i could only win this back if i win a court case. Please help!! Thanks