switched it on just at the end there.

All i can say is WTF.

NASCAR is great to watch. Some of the driving is mental and really grips you. So, I was still on a little bit of a high after watching BTCC.

Then I flick the TV over to Sky Three and see this trash. WHAT ON GODS EARTH WAS SHE DOING BEHIND THE WHEEL OF THAT CAR?!?! Tears after someone else having a bump and then ignoring EVERYTHING else on the track and smacking straight up the arse of someone who's spun out and taking out a further 4-5 cars. And then she spews some craps about living to fight again another day?

Why was she put in the cockpit in the first place - she quite clearly can't drive. If she's going to be all teary about a bump and left somewhat emotional why the hell did she get back into the car for another race?!?!