Welcome to the AOC/AS Guide to PVS 2007. Hopefully we should pretty much cover everything you need to know about attending PVS 2007

First of all - dont be scared of it.

Check out the thread and book your ticket and pay for it.
You will usually get the tickets a few days before the event...it's the soonest that we can post them out to you. So please no threads asking when are they going to arrive. The very second we have them they will be back in the post to you. What you will recieve in your pack.
1. Your ticket(s)
2. Your car pass with huge letters on it
3. Some info in a small flier about PVS

So what do you do whilst your awaiting your ticket?
Mod away. Remember shows are the opportunity to show off your pride and joy to members of the public, forum members and other clubs so doing those mods to sweaten your car up is defo on the list of todo's. For those who are unsure of what to do or what to buy then check out our supporting traders section for inspiration. Remember also to take a good long look at your cleaning equipment for your car. You can obviously put it through a car wash the night before but next to everyones shiny car it will stand out for the wrong reasons. At Santa Pod there are taps & water available from the tiolets or around the tiolet block so no excuses for a dirty car when your there. Begin to plan out what cleaning stuff your going to use the days before and then the stuff your going to use when your there.

Recommended cleaning products to take with you.
Bucket & Sponge/wash mitt ect.
Your car wash liquid may not be a good idea due to the suds left behind around your car and turning the ground into a bog.
Chamois / drying towels (always good incase it rains in the morning and dries out in the afternoon).
Wax (After travelling there and cleaning the car off you may want to top up your wax coat for that perfect finish).
Glass cleaner (Good for cleaning headlights, windscreens and windows)
Tar & bug removing wipes (Excellent for removing those flies that prefered a closer inspection of your paint work. These are excellent as you can use these around the car and save yourself the bucket & sponge drama if done correctly)
Bumper /bump strip shine (Those bumpers will dry out on the way there and may need a bit of love when you arrive).
Tyre shine (Yes even the tyres need to look blacker than black).
Alloy cleaning products (brake dust is very easy to stuck to your alloy even on short journeys).
Dash/cockpit cleaner (People may want to see what you've done inside so make sure it looks everybit as good as the exterior).
Once finished pack up your cleaning products into your boot and scan around the area for any litter you may have inadertantly dropped.

Leading up to PVS
Check out the regional forum for any convoys that your regional organiser may be planning. Its the most effective way of getting there trust me . Put your name down if you'd like but remember if you change your mind inform the convoy organsier/Regional Organiser. It may also benefit you to give the organiser your mobile number and get his too just incase you get left behind or take a wrong turn.

You should now be thinking about camping and what equipment your going to need. Don't forget that whatever you bring must be taken down and packed away before 8:30. Which will mean a 6am start usually. So don't over pack your not going on holiday.
1. Tent (Tent pegs, Mallet, spare guide ropes)
2. Sleeping bag (if you want?)
3. Chair fold up preferable
4. Cutlery and plates
5. Cup(s)
6. Some thing to eat
7. Something to heat your food up with. (Gas Stove, Gas, BBQ, fire lighters, charcoal and utensils).
8. Drinks (alcoholic or none) Recommend taking lots of water as prices are very high and if its as hot as last year your gonna need it.
9. Bin bags. Yes you have to clean up after yourself and take home your litter.
10. Washing up stuff (if you so want, platic knifes, forks and paper plates are my weapon of choice this year)
11. Your personal washing stuff.
Check that all items above work and are FULL running out of gas at 11:00pm is not the thing to do

You may want to organise your own food and drink for the day at PVS as the burger vans are usually very expensive. So begin to make plans on your dining arrangements during Sunday. If its hot plenty of water.

Find your driving licence those who want to go down the 1/4 mile. Dust off your crash helmet. Find your AA/RAC/Greenflag card out and familiarise yourself with the phone number just incase. Check your car is in a state to be ragged. Fluid levels and tyre condition (tread depth, punctures ect).
Charge batteries and dig out digital camera / camcorder.

The night before PVS (Saturday) or Friday for those who are camping.
Gather together everything that you will need for tomorrow. Load things in a methodical order IE tent last for those who are camping, coats last for those who are not.
Heres a quick list of what you should be packing...

Driving Licence (if you are going up the strip)
Bucket and cleaning products (water is on site)
Wellies (if its going to be wet one )
Money for the trade stands etc
Plenty of Fuel in your car, no petrol stations that near Santa Pod.
Map to get there.
Folding Chair for night/day.
Toothpaste especially
camera + spare batteries
Midge repellent for that hot balmy night on the campsite
Medication (inhalers, tablets etc)
Umbrella (just in case)
contraception if any of you lads are hoping to share tents with a nice lady
Mobile phone
Bottled water (always end up needing some of this)
Sun Tan lotion
Hat / Sunglasses
Show plates

Don't forget to get a full tank of optimax/ V-power, ultimate or 102 ron petrol or whatever your car/van/bus runs on.

Check your cars tyres and fluid levels are still good.

On the day
Drive to Santa Pod in a courteous manner. You are the representatives of the Astra Owners Club and we have a very good reputation that we'd rather keep untarnished. No breaking speed limits and expect the local plod to be out in force with every camera and undercover cop car they have. If you do decide to come with the convoy then please take notice of those who are not going or anything to do with PVS. Having 60 Astras pass you has got to be scarey enough so give them plenty of room and be courteous. The convoys leaders will always be doing the speed limit so no one in theory should get lost. Always have a map and directions handy just incase.

When you arrive at Santa Pod there will be a huge queue to get in. There will be plenty of bad boys in Corsas playing music very loud so no need to join in as the officials won't like it especially that early in the morning. Find your car pass and your tickets. Insert car pass into a clearly visible space so that the organisers at a quick glimpse can direct you the correct way. (on the dash is fine). Follow the organisers signals, directions and information. Please no wheel spinning, donuts ect as you'll more than likely get kicked out. Keep the right hand lane free and clear for the organisers / emergency vehicles.

Once your in.
Smile for the camera man on the left. Once in drive slowly as there will be a fair few people there already. They won't be concentrating on the traffic so watch out for people dodging between cars.
Look out for the AOC/AS stand. You should see banners and recognise some cars. We will have AOC/AS marshalls consisting of staff members so look out for them and familiarise yourself with the staff photos. It takes a huge effort to organise 70 cars in 1 go so please be patient don't try and do your own thing wait to be directed.

Once your on the stand.
Once parked do not leave your vehicle we will need to move you around and park very close to each other usually as our stand is normally always full to bursting. Once you've been moved around and your settled then look around for members that may need help (setting up gazebos ect). If everyones happy then get down to cleaning your car. Making it show worthy.
No littering the stand please
Bewarned that the bass on some of the cars may make your alarm go off so its always best to check it every now and again. Having a flat battery at PVS is most embarrasing
Now go and enjoy PVS. Come and say hi to the staff we don't bite. Talk to one another you do anyway just electronically. Have a chat we all love astras were all in the same position (Inc staff as well). Come say hi!
Find your picture entering PVS at the trade stands.

Leaving PVS.
Be prepared to wait! Theres no pre-defined time to leave but the queues are rather large trying to get out of the pod so be patient. There are no marshalls for this so common sense and courtesy is required.

Enjoy PVS 2007.
Once done enjoy PVS.

## and remember, lock it, dont leave it open ##