This years attractions are highlighted below:

As always there will be trade stands from the best companies in the Vauxhall market so expext to see some of our supporting traders there! Lmf , regals, courtenay, and many more Then there are the massive amount of vauxhall club stands! So have a good look around (it could take your all day!) and also see some of the quickest vauxhalls go up the quarter mile strip! Other main attractions are as follows:

Quarter mile Info:

Open to all RWYB contestants. Prizes from Regal Autosport for the fastest time in each of
the following classes:

» Under-1800 NA (e.g. Astra 1.8 SXi, Nova GTE 1600, Corsa Sport)
» 1800 - 1999 NA (e.g. C20XE class, 2.0 eight-valvers, 2.0 Ecotecs)
» 2000 - 2999 NA and FI up to 3.0 (e.g. Carlton GSi, Vectra GSi, Vectra VXR)
» 3000 and over NA and FI (e.g. Monaros, Lotus Carltons)
» Under-2000 FI (e.g. C20LET/Z20LET class)

* NA – naturally aspirated
* FI – forced induction (turbo/supercharged)

Prove your power on the UK’s hottest drag strip.
- All day 1/4-mile Vauxhall-only sprint action
- Prizes for fastest times of the day

Just £15 for three runs, only available to buy on the day, sold on
a first-come, first-served basis. (Please park in the main public car
park or club stand until you have purchased your strip tickets. These are
available for £15 from the strip ticket office located inside the
show ground, behind the grandstand.)

Find out your important quarter-mile time and terminal speed. At
the Performance Vauxhall Show there will be trophies on the day
for the fastest time and, to give the lesser powered cars a chance,
for the fastest reaction time. Get along and get stuck in.

Some strip rules in brief:-
- Vauxhall-only
- You must present your driving license when ‘signing on’
- Tyres must display a D.O.T. mark and have road legal tread
- Arms and legs must be covered
- All soft-top drivers must wear a crash helmet, bring your own
- Seat belts must be worn

The Worlds fastest street legal car -2200BHP!

The quickest road-legal car on the planet is a Vauxhall - and it's coming to the PV Show.
This extensively modified Vauxhall Victor takes just 7.8 seconds to hit 183mph in a quarter
of a mile — which would leave even Formula 1 racers for dead. Andy Frost has spent
£100,000 modifying this beast with 9.3-litres of twin-turbo V8.

Amazingly, it is taxed, tested, insured and can be driven on public roads. Featured on TV
and in The Sun, we have a real treat for Vauxhall enthusiasts!

A number of exclusive demonstration runs will take place at the PV Show on Sunday – see
this fully-fledged drag-strip king in action!

Dyno Testing

Test your car’s power and torque and get a print-out of your results to keep. This is a new system and will test up to 550 bhp!

Expert advice on hand following your run.

Best Car in Vauxhall only car park!

All Vauxhalls are directed into the Vauxhall-only car park on arrival at the show, so simply park up and your car could be picked as a winner. It’s that simple!

Cars for Sale

Have you got a vauxhall for sale? Well this could be a great chance to sell it to like minded poeple! Go to the Information tent on the day and get a vehicle pass in exchange for £10 in order to get your car into the Cars for Sale area! Simple and easy!