I had to repair my passenger seat pull on my 3 door, due to the cable breaking. Whilst doing this I noticed that the material on the seats is held together in sections using plastic male/female clips that slot into each other. This got me thinking...

My drivers seat boulster has a rip in it from the careless previous owner (which also explains some of the other interior damage to the car). Would it be possible to remove the boulster section easily like the back can be detached from the sides, and replace with another section, or am I going to have to take it to a professional for a section replacement?

I did also think of just changing the front seat because that would probably cost the same as getting the seat repaired, if the new seat was sourced from a scrappy (anyone in the sheffield area with a drivers seat for a late sxi/sri going let me know I might just buy it if its for a 3 door!).

Anyone any gen on this? I'd prefer just to replace the panel myself..but if needs must then something else must be done!