As you all might be aware i thought i would have a fight with a curb a couple of weeks ago in the rain and lost (what a surprise) now i changed a couple of this (bottom arm,stearing rack, part of the anti roll bar and shock) but the wheel is still bent GRR its just poping out of the top of the wheel arch now i thought it was the sub frame and just thought get it on a jig but found out you cant do that once i tutrned up to have it done.

The man in the garrage said he doesnt think it is the sub frame but it could be the (hub yay what a joy) so off i troted now i need to find one of the they are £175+vat trade from vauxhall so i want a rear end smash so i can strip it off that.

The QUESTION is are they the same as the Astra G hatch coz i can find loads of them the one i need is the pasenger side front Hub??