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Thread: Cam Question

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    Cam Question

    If i was to send my Cams away to be reground is there anything else i would need to go with them to make it worthwhile.

    someone mentioned to me about porting & polishing the head and something about gas flowed something or other.

    Anything else you need to do.

    Cmon Geoff or Teejay i know you will know this one
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    polishing the ports (the bit inside the head between the manifold and the cylinder) smooths the airflow and if done properly can add 'significant' power and torque when combined with other intake/exhaust mods.

    a gas flowed head is more of the above, but actually doing the bit inside the cylinder. again with other mods has been known to make a serious difference.

    the question is how serious are you about making BIG power?? intake/exhaust mods with different cams and a remap are good for 170+ BHP from a X20XEV (apparently), you only really need the head/ports doing if you're aiming above that.

    Also cams can be done at home (on the drive) without too much hassle. Geoff did his in a few hours (including the cam chain on his Z22). If you're getting the head ported then you'll need a garage in my opinion as you'll need to strip the engine right down so that you can take it off and post it off to whoever's doing the work. Yes I know you need to do this for exchange cams too, but would you really strip the entire engine on the drive?

    Haynes give cams a 5 spanner rating (out of 5) meaning you need some good technical ability. They don't rate a head change - but I would give it a 7-8 (again out of 5 )
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