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Thread: Another lowering question...

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    Another lowering question...

    Ok i've searched the forum for lowering, and i decided on Eibach 30 at the back 35-50 at the front!

    I read somewhere if you go lower then 40mm you need new shocks am i right?!

    So i decided not to go that low, as i don't know what/how much/how easy to fit new shocks would be!
    But i got the tape measure to see what would look best, and i'm hooked on the 50.

    So my question is about the shocks, How much, easy to fit?! etc

    I'm only driving a 1.4 16v Astra envoy! Also i don't want to spend too much because i want a GSI Turbo. But for now i'm keeping what i have to save some money!


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    If u plan on getting a GSi then I wouldnt fork out too much on suspension - especially Eibachs and shocks.

    I would suggest a cheaper kit - ie full shockers and springs - I'll PM ya some info regarding a cheaper kit I use which lowers approx 50 front and 40 rear. Providing ur alloys are the correct offset (if they are standard Vauxhall then youll be ok) then you'll have no problems lowering.

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