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Thread: 2.0 Turbo Engine Info (Z20LET)

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    Post 2.0 Turbo Engine Info (Z20LET)

    Z20LET - 2.0 16v Turbo 200BHP

    Engine Specification

    Engine, location: Front, transverse in front of axle, 7º 50' forward inclined
    Cooling system: Liquid, sealed circuit
    Cylinders, number: 4
    Bore (mm) 86
    Stroke (mm): 86
    Displacement (cc): 1998
    Compression ratio: 8.8: 1
    Engine, type: In line; 5 main bearings
    Cylinder block/ head, material: Cast iron/ aluminium
    Camshaft (s), location: 2 overhead (DOHC), driven by toothed belt
    Valve train: Hydraulic bucket tappets
    Valve, arrangement: v; 4 per cylinder
    Valve, adjustment: Automatic - hydraulic
    Fuel system: Sequential multi point fuel injection
    Ignition system: Electronic ignition map, ignition coil direct to spark plug
    Fuel pump: Electric, in tank
    Emission control system: 3 - way cat. conv. with 2 oxygen sensors
    Output (kW/hp CEE at 1/min): 147/ 200 at 5600
    Specific power (kW/l; hp/l): 73.6; 100.1
    Max. torque (Nm at 1/ min): 250 at 1950
    Specific torque (Nm/litre): 125.1
    Mean effective pressure at max. power/ max. torque (kPa):1576.6/ 1573.1
    Average piston speed (m/ s): 16.1
    Engine oil, capacity (l): 4.25
    Cooling capacity (l): 7.4
    Battery 12 V,
    Capacity (Ah): tba
    Alternator 14.2 V,
    Capacity (W): tba
    Max. service interval: 20,000 miles or 1 year
    Emission compliance: Euro 4 Engine mass (kg): tba
    Charger system: Turbo with intercooler
    Max. boost pressure (bar): 0.85

    Power Output (kW) Torque (Nm)
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