Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has started to tinker with doing this on their car.

I had a G 1.6 which i de-restricketed the air box in (removed the internal plastick pipes inside the airbox), drilled it out in lower section by the wing to improve sound and allo for additional cold air feed to be ran to it. I finaly fitted a panel filter and a vectra air intack pipe.

All this had a good result as far as the induction of the engine goes.

Now i have an H (1.8 SRI) i have again removed the internal pipe work and drilled out the box. I was investigating the air intake and it looks like it could be swaped with the vectra pipe work but i was wondering if any one had done this yet? If so is it just like the G in the fact that it is a straight swap?

Look forward to hearing your reviews and comments