here you go as it is so hard to describe how they work you may be able to see for your self...

the collar is seprate to the bolt so moves independantly to the bolt, so to make the wheel fit a slightly different PCD you use the wobbly bolt to make a tight lock onto the hub. As the bolt goes in the wheel the collor locates in the hole before the bolt, this means as all the bolts are tightened the bolt locks into the collar not the actual wheel and therefore allows the bolt to fit a slightly different PCD and still locks tight onto the hub!

Its so hard to describe and I was hoping the pic may help some people see how it works or maybe not

I think your just confusing people even more Mat

Norm29 you could get away with a differance of about 2-3mm either way, the only down side to them is that you are not meant to fit a locking wheel nut with wobbly bolts

I did have them for my 20's hence the picture but I have done away with them now, purely because I had another problem and I was able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak.

they are completely safe and will not effect handling at all, as they are just a means to attach the wheels to the hubs, they hold just as well as normal bolts.

I do still have my set year, bit more than £1 each though!! I agree with Jace on 114.3 being too much differance though.