Imagine the engine code in the following format

122345 (some don't have the first character)

1 Emissions standard the engine complies to
C Euro 1
X Euro 2
Y Euro 3
Z Euro 4

2 Displacement of engine (divide by 10 for displacement in litres)

3 Compression
G <= 8.5
L > 8.5 to 9.0
N > 9.0 to 9.5
S > 9.5 to 10.o
X > 10 to 11.5
Y > 11.5+

4 Fuelsystem
E Multipoint fuel injection
Z Central injection
D Diesel
V Carburetor

5 Specific version
C Corp. ignition system
F Vehicles for authorities
H High output
I Irmscher
J Throttled output
K Komplex
L Low output/supercharged
P Power adapted
R Increased output
T Turbo
U Uruguay
V Volume model
W Venezuela
Z Family II engine